Kangaroo Cushion - It's all in the pouch!

With it's heavy guage vinyl construction, and numerous features, the Kangaroo Cushion makes an excellent addition to any sports, tailgating and outdoor activity.

Photo of Cushion with Features
Great for using at sporting events!
Fits perfectly on most stadium seats and bleachers.
Sit comfortably and improve your visibility at the game while sitting on a cushion of air. Warmer on a Cold day / Cooler on a Hot day / Dry seat on a Wet day.
Great for using at sporting events!
Use your Kangaroo Cushion as a small portable table when tailgating.
The built in plate and drink holder will securely hold your food in place.
Also used while camping!
Also great for: boating / canoeing, camping, hiking / back packing, hunting stands,
cook-outs / barbeques.